Will Eutsey Companies "Acquisitions & Corporate Coaching"


Through the coordinated efforts of our Entertainment -Music-Production Management Venture Partner's and in conjunction with their legal coordinator-Entertainment Attorney (who has over twenty years in the entertainment field), we have been targeting talented artists who have proven talents as recording artists, screen-play writers, producers and managers.

We currently are targeting artists and other small recording companies who have recorded CD's and Master Tapes available for immediate completion, packaging and distribution.  Our entertainment venture partner's have or will have to agree to pledge and assign all past, present and future songs, lyrics, music, writings, copyrights, as well as all performance royalties, mechanical royalties, synchronization royalties, print royalties and merchandising (i.e. clothing, toys, jewelry, cosmetics, restaurants, night clubs/ disco's, video games, product endorsements) as property of the formed entertainment group and that all future payment's are to be made direct to the entertainment group.

Upon the entertainment group experiencing success people in the industry will take notice and want to be part of it.  After independently proving the sales potential the entertainment group may consider a "boutique deal" with a major label. The group could look for a distribution deal with a major, where the entertainment group retain it's master recordings and the bulk of the profit, minus the major label's cut for pressing and distribution of the entertainment group and record label's recordings.

It will be the entertainment group's goal to partner with feature film writers, producers and distribution companies to executive produce by providing financial investment in quality income producing film, video and DVD, blue ray, projects and to provide an avenue for new and upcoming writers and producers of film, video, blue ray and DVD and special documentary projects to express their talents.

Out intent is to acquire via joint ventures or direct acquisitions communication companies, such as radio stations, television-cable stations or companies, magazine and distribution companies.