Will Eutsey Companies "Acquisitions & Corporate Coaching"

                                                     MISSION STATEMENT

It is the intent of the president and owner to ensure this company becomes a behemoth among private companies generating tremendous growth and wealth. We will develop through the creativity and management skills of the operating  executive officers to create a model company to be operated on the premise of a publicly traded company, governed and managed as if we are registered by the SEC.

It is our goal to acquire, develop and operate real estate portfolio assets such as apartment buildings, shopping centers, condominiums through coordinated efforts by contracting qualified real estate management companies to manage, collect rents, distribute payments covering taxes, loan service payments, operating reserves, earning distributions to designated participants and payees.

We are arranging, coordinating and targeting assets in mining reserves which can be certified and commercially developed over a minimum of twenty years up to fifty years with estimated values we will have the operating officers, division managers, and independently contracted Certified Geologists, Mining Engineering Firms, Certified Public Accountant Firms (Big 4), Certified Assayers, Major Investment Banking Firms, et al, establish and prove up under intense monitored scrutiny under guidelines as established by the SEC to determine and certify large sums of recoverable and marketable values.

It is our intent to have the managing officers coordinate with qualified Investment Banking Firms to create an avenue to raise tremendous capital against the certified reserves in order to develop and build out the mining facilities to mine and process the ore for commercial extraction and marketing. We will use some of the funds to acquire transportation companies, energy companies and reserves, existing real estate portfolios, real estate development and construction companies, as well as acquire real property assets for development under joint ventures and develop an investment portfolio of bonds, securities, treasuries, nationally and internationally.