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                        PROJECT FUNDING DISCLOSURE



All clients seeking funding assistance from CCFC must sign the following "Disclosure Acknowledgment":

                                             "DISCLOSURE ACKNOWLEDGMENT"

1. There is "NO UPFRONT COSTS".

2. The submission of your business plan or proposal to CCFC does not guarantee or warrantee your project will be approved, accepted or receive financial consideration from referral agent's private sources.

3.The submission of your business plan or proposal will result in having the project summary read and reviewed for consideration by referral agent CCFC to determine the viability of project.

4. Referral Agent CCFC is not a lender, investor, loan guarantor and are not acting as a loan officer, mortgage broker, banker or agent of a lender, investor, mortgage broker, loan officer or banker.

5. Referral Agent CCFC does not make any promises or representations to you that would be interpreted as a guarantee of successful financial results for your project.

6. In the event Referral Agent CCFC refers the business plan to one of their sources and the source wants to pursue the matter providing needed funds to the project there will be a Referral Consultant Cost due as determined and outlined in the disclosure costs chart below from the principal funded amount, in addition to the private sources funding costs and fees determined and agreed to under separate agreements.

7. In the event Referral Agent CCFC Investor-Funder source entertains providing financial assistance it must be understood that the lender may require the following:

    a. Signature and acceptance of the "Letter of Interest" that is issued by the lender after having a conference call with CLIENT outlining the general terms and conditions required by the lender. These terms are only general guidelines and only upon issuance of a firm commitment can exact terms of the loan commitment be determined.

    b. Lenders receipt of  a minimum $25,000.00 or more (which would have been discussed and agreed to in the conference call or conditional commitment agreement between project borrower and lender or investor) would be applied toward the commitment fee. Lender would provide CLIENT with a draft of the loan commitment containing the terms and conditions of the loan commitment to be reviewed by CLIENT and their counsel. This amount paid to the lender direct is fully refundable by the lender for any reason if CLIENT does not execute a loan commitment with the lender and CLIENT request the return of the $25,000.00 or amount paid within NINETY (90) DAYS of the date of the "Letter of Interest".

    c. Upon signing of the commitment, a minimum commitment fee equal to FOUR PERCENT (4%) of the financing request is due (which does not include the consultant costs to be paid to CCFC, Referral Coach); one percent (1%) would be payable to the Lender at the signing and the remainder would be payable from the Loan proceeds at closing. This fee would be fully refundable by Lender if Lender does not perform its obligations under the loan commitment. (NOTE: This will be fully discussed and further disclosed on the conference call with the Lender or in the lenders letter of interest. Upon CLIENT having the conference call or reviewing the letter of interest learning who the lender is, as well as having received the "Letter of Interest", they will have sufficient time to further verify the lenders creditability and ability to perform before signing and returning the "Letter of Interest" along with the required fees for the lender)

    d. Closing could occur in as quickly as three (3) to five (5) days after completion of the Lenders due diligence and receipt of all required documents from CLIENT. Lenders due diligence would commence within 24 hours after lender receives an executed loan commitment from CLIENT.

    e. Lending - Investor Criteria-Loans or Investments from $5,000,000.00 to $100 Million Dollars USD or more: Domestic and International!

        1. Loan Term: One to Five years. No Prepayment Penalty.

        2. Collateral: Typically commercial real estate. Other fixed assets may be considered in some cases.

        3. Loan-to-value-Ratio: Loan amounts of up to 50% of the value of the collateral.

        4. If the loan is used for construction or renovation, the loan can be funded in stages up to 50% of the improved value.

        5. Interest Rate: Depending upon collateral, rates start at 9% , interest only. In lieu of equity, a Fee of 0-10% may be paid. Rates for international transactions are generally higher than domestic loans.

        6. Minimum Loan Size: $2,500,000.00 USD nationwide, and $25 Million USD international.

Referral Coach, CCFC will continue to coordinate with CLIENT and CCFC Referral Coach Private Lending Source throughout the entire transaction.

I/We execute this "Disclosure Acknowledgment" and confirm I/We have attempted to obtain funding through conventional means (i.e. banks and other financial institutions) and were unsuccessful; and agree to abide by this "Disclosure Acknowledgment" procedures, cost and conditions.



                        EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1 2012

                                                                                                CCFC COSTS DUE UPON FUNDING RELEASE

$2,500,000.00 TO 5,999,999.99                        $250,000.00

$6,000,000.00 TO 9,999,999.99                          750,000.00

10,000,000.00 TO 19,999,999.99                     1,500,000.00

20,000,000.00 TO 49,999,999.99                     2,000,000.00

50,000,000.00 TO 99,999,999.99                     3,000,000.00

100,000,000.00 TO 199,999,999.99                 5,000,000.00

200,000,000.00 TO 499,999,999.99               10,000,000.00

500,000,000.00 TO 4,999,999,999.99            50,000,000.00

5 BILLION AND UP                                 AS DETERMINED