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           Projects-Joint Ventures (Minimum request $10 Million Dollars USD)

Welcome! We are always looking for qualified "Angel Investors", Project Funders to provide funding for projects submitted to us. If you are interested in being placed on our available "Angel Investors" or "Project Funders" call sheet, complete a portion of the "SUBMIT REQUEST" form with you name, address, company etc and list the type of projects you would be interested in receiving project funding request information. Please indicate what the minimum and maximum funding limits are for your company.


We will place mini-summaries of current project funding daily. FEEL FREE TO CHECK THIS BULLETIN BOARD AS OFTEN AS YOU DESIRE. Thank you for your consideration.

#1 Entertainment Group-Start Up: $10 Million Dollars USD (minimum $2 Million USD)

Our entertainment manager has been targeting talented artists with proven talents as recording artists, screen-play writers, producers and managers. It is their goal to partner with feature film writers, producers and distribution companies to produce quality income producing film, video, DVD projects and to provide an avenue for new and upcoming writers, producers of film, video, DVD and special documentary projects. The entertainment manager has coordinated a very aggressive marketing campaign with a major agency whose current clients include Warner Music Group, Universal Motown, Brookland Entertainment, with past clients including Island Def Jam, Essence Magazine, Coca-Cola Summerscope and many others including BET. The agencies project objective is to design and execute a comprehensive marketing strategy for the Entertainment Group's artists that will result in independent sales of a minimum of 100,000 units or more per each group for their impending albums.

General Counsel: The standby general counsel ready to come on board upon funding and complete establishment of the Entertainment Group specializes in the areas of music, fashion, film and television. He currently represents several major artists, including Grammy Award winners. 

Vice President and Manager Artist Development: The standby vice president and manager of artist development ready to come on board upon funding and complete establishment of the Entertainment Group is skilled in organization management and is associated with qualified personnel in the field of entertainment, education and private sectors, highly motivated in the entertainment industry, including film, television, music and media production.  NOTE: As disclaimer, CCFC will be working with this start up company upon funding in the capacity of Vice President-Acquisition and Cash Flow and will be receiving a "Royalty Participation Contract" from the income generated in the company. NOTE: The annual gross sales estimated projections within the 2nd year should be a minimum $5 Million Dollars USD with a target to reach sales in excess of $100 Million Dollars USD within 7 years.

#2 Mining Venture- $400 Million Dollars USD (covering start up managing-administration budget, acquisition purchase, lease, rental, joint venture costs of mining properties, building-development, extraction, mining, processing and refining costs)

The goal of the venture company is to serve as a holding company to obtain assets from "Small Miners" for acquisition, mining reserves producing and non producing Gold Mines, Energy Reserves, PGM (Platinum Group Metals) Mines, Oil, Coal and other producing and non-producing in-ground assets of definite and appreciable value which can be certified and developed through mining extraction and processing operations via venture funding raised through private placement. These operations shall provide employment opportunities for a minimum of twenty years. Small Miners shall sell/ transfer/ lease their mining reserves to the holding company in exchange for a royalty based income generated from the mining and extraction of the values from the specific mine reserves provided by them to the holding company.

Collateral Security Guarantee: A Letter of Credit or Bank Guarantee will provide the "loan recourse", a guarantee for the lender-investor or their bank which will guarantee full repayment of the principal plus 6% interest at the end of one year and one day from the Letter of Credit or BG Guarantee Document.

Guarantee of Gold Purchase Option to Investor-Lender: Investor-Lender shall be granted an "Option of Right of First Refusal" to purchase up to 50% of the Production of the Gold as refined and hallmarked at the Refinery at a "discount of 10% below 2nd LME (London Metal Exchange) date of each purchase settlement" and the "Option of Right of First Refusal" to purchase up to 50% of the gold nuggets recovered un-refined at a "discount of 10% below the regulated pricing for gold nuggets date of each purchase settlement".

Additional Investor-Lender Protection: The venture company shall develop through creative management skills to contract and out-source qualified "Management Companies", "Big 4 Certified Public Accounting CPA Firms" or "Financial Institutions" to coordinate with CCFC's Attorney-Paymaster and receive from his IOLTA Account project investment-loan funds and distribute in accordance with contracted escrow or management instructions executed by CCFC, Mining Venture Signatories, Investor-Lender (if requested), and Attorney-Paymaster.