Will Eutsey Companies "Acquisitions & Corporate Coaching"

Client (Project Borrower) submits a signed Confidentiality Agreement and a brief executive summary of the project and the capitalization needed to Consultant CCFC for submission to their source equity corporation with a letter (format of which shall be provided by CCFC) requesting their source equity corporation (International Banking Group) consider the project. The source equity corporation and their International Banking Group will review the project summary to determine the project's qualification for consideration under the loan Payment Guarantee Program. If it is determined to be an eligible project, CCFC source equity corporation will present to CCFC a Financial Services Plan for the prospective CLIENT (Project Borrower) to consider.

SPECIAL NOTE: Getting the required (Bank Letter of Interest) with "NO" changes is the trigger. If the Lending Bank or Private Lending Group's Bank wants something different don't change the documents we will provide to you. The Lending Bank or Private Lending Group or their Bank may issue a second letter (Bank Letter of Interest) with the list of their changes and forward both issued and executed letters and supporting document letters as provided by CCFC's referred source to you as Client (Project Borrower).