Will Eutsey Companies "Acquisitions & Corporate Coaching"


We would like to welcome you to our site. Our companies are in a unique position to provide opportunities to entrepreneurs like yourself who are looking for a business partner who can assist them in finding the necessary capital to expand or start up your business (for more information on start-up businesses review "LEARN MORE DISCLOSURES") because of our ability to coordinate with a large portfolio of qualified investors and national funders who are capable of providing funding from five million dollars to one hundred million dollars or more.  If your project or business is substantial enough the possibility presents itself for us to work together.

     Requirements for review of your proposal or business plan:

Submit a copy of:

1. Copy of your proposal or business plan

2. Copy of current appraisal's (if real estate is involved), including color pictures for each property.

3. Letter (not to exceed two pages) stating the amount of investment needed and you are requesting we review your proposal or business plan (must be mailed to address listed in the CONTACT US. -do not submit via email), and you are prepared to share a minimum of forty percent ownership in the business with our company, if funding can be provided to the business via joint venture with us. OR CLICK ON "SUBMIT REQUEST"

4. In the event the project is a mining property, you must submit with the business plan a copy of any current assay work or certification work documentation along with the resume of the assayer or certifier.

5. In the event you are not looking for a venture partner and do not wish to share ownership in your business with our company you must submit the proposal or business  plan and in the event we find you an investor-funder who approves your project there will be funding and consulting costs (see CCFC disclosure costs) that will be submitted to you separately as defined in the response letter from CCFC. CLICK ON: "LEARN MORE DISCLOSURE" and then click on "Disclosure Acknowledgment".

NOTE: There are costs and fees that may be assessed even if project is funded via joint venture with our company.