Will Eutsey Companies "Acquisitions & Corporate Coaching"

                                                   ACQUISITION TARGETS

Our company is targeting real estate for asset holdings.  If you have properties you would like our company to acquire, please notify us by CLICKING ON "SUBMIT REQUEST". For more detailed information as to the type of properties or assets we will acquire, read the information below. Thank you!

We will purchase, acquire or joint venture acquisitions of foreclosures, distressed or rehab properties in order to increase our income earnings and cash flow.

Single Family Residences (fixer upper)

Apartment Complexes (Multi Unit-100 or more)

Commercial Properties

Industrial Properties

Undeveloped Parcels

Water Rights (Undeveloped Parcels)

Mining Properties

    Fee Simple

    Patented Claims

    Unpatented Claims

    Ranches or Farm Land

We can move fast on distressed properties (foreclosure, REO) acquisitions.

In the event you have properties falling under the above categories and wish to contact us to work out an acquisition transaction or joint venture, CONTACT US, OR click on SUBMIT REQUEST AND COMPLETE THE FORM.

You may not have a need for our services at this time; however you may know someone who does. Tell them about us or contact us and refer to our company.